Parrots in Mango

Parrots in Mango.

Artists: Aimee Crathern, Banjobe Hunt, Catie Maloney, Charlie Taplin, Debbie Osborne, Chris Dyke, Dougie Jacobssen, Jackie Saunders, Grace Bell, Jane Hewitt, Jasmine Jones, Jenna May, Joel Hartgen, Kathryn Evans, Kimberly Sellers, Kurt Bosecke, Megan Long, Michelle Hall, Scott Pyle, Sophie Janzon, Tessa Crathern, James Kurtze, William Gregory, Giorgio Mouzakitis, Jianna Georgiou, Hannah Mexted, Tori Bedford, Jessica Galea, Jessica Miller, Sam Garton, Gary Hobbs, Casey Spehr, Josh Maloney, Ellese McLinden.

Start Date: Aug 4th
End Date: Aug 25th
Opening Times: Mon-Tue & Thu-Fri 10:30am-3pm
Opening Event: Aug 11th 5:30-7:30pm

Escape winter’s chill with the thrill of Tutti’s hot new exhibition Parrots in Mango. Inspired by the success of recent collaborations in Indonesia and Malaysia, Tutti’s supported studios and gallery are undergoing a tropical metamorphosis to embrace the lively, the colourful and the bold! Come delight your senses in this luscious tropical paradise created by Tutti’s award winning artists. We guarantee our Parrots in Mango will be hot, sweet and quite likely crazier than coconuts!

Venue: Tutti Arts.

Galway House, Minda Campus 12-16 King George Ave Brighton, 5048

8422 6511

Medium: Ceramics, Digital, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture, Textiles.

Event is suitable for children.

Event has wheelchair access.