17 Selected RSASA Women Portrait Artists

17 Selected RSASA Women Portrait Artists.

Artists: Iroda Adil, Betty Anderson, Coralie Armstrong, Chris Brahim, Cynthia Dowler, Fiona Dowler, Philippa Fletcher, Roe Gartelmann, Robin Hicks, Lisa Ingerson, Judith Klavins, Heather Lorenzon, Penny Maclaren, Maggie Rees, Philippa Robert, Tahira Sabeen, Cathi Steer.

Start Date: Jul 17th
End Date: Sep 11th
Opening Times: Mon-Tue 4pm-12am, Wed-Sat 12pm-12am
Opening Event: Jul 18th 6-7:30pm

17 Women artists have displayed their skill and sensitivity interpreting the character of the human face.


Venue: The Rising Sun.

60 Bridge St Kensington, 5068

8333 0721

Medium: Painting.

Event is suitable for children.