Diverse Palettes

Diverse Palettes .

Artists: Nikky Levinge, Kim Van Dokkum, Fay Jeanes, Laurie Barber, Missy Polson, Astrid Smith, Vi Tosic, Bill Verco, Charlie Mace, Charles Mifsud, Sonia Collins, Olimpia Niewiadomska, Natalie Sienniak, Guenter Trittmacher, Kylie Mancini, Lorner Lower, Penny Shevlin, Rosene Kotz, Rosemarie Willis-Anderson, Bob Dalton.

Start Date: Jul 13th
End Date: Aug 11th
Opening Times: Thu-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-3pm

A diverse exhibition with a compilation of artists and mediums.


Venue: John Harvey Gallery .

12 James St Salisbury, 5108

8406 8477

Medium: Mixed Media, Painting, Photography.

Event is suitable for children.