Spaces of Absence

Spaces of Absence.

Artist: Kelsey Reynolds.

Start Date: Aug 12th
End Date: Sep 1st
Opening Times: Wed-Fri 4pm-12midnight, Sat 8pm-12midnight, Sun 5pm-12midnight

The incongruity of human nature as we attempt to perfect our surroundings and lives relays a sense of insecurity within the perceptions and attitudes toward our environments. I examine and criticise the ways in which people respond to spaces, and the psychogeographic effects of the domestic arena.
Abstracted, figurative environments juxtaposed beneath a moving figure explores the fractured psyche of the human mind and its relationship with ritual, habit, and the home.

Venue: Biggies at Bertram.

Basement 73 Grenfell Street - entry via Coromandel Place Adelaide, 5000

0405 683 888

Medium: Digital, Drawing.

Event is suitable for children.