SALA Gala Dada Dance

SALA Gala Dada Dance .

Start Date: Aug 26th
End Date: Aug 26th
Opening Times: Sat 6pm-11pm

One hundred and one years ago a group of artists got together in Zurich and formed a movement. Emerging amid the brutality of World War 1 Dadaism confronted the nightmare of reason with unreason—with nonsense, questioning conformity and embracing the absurd. Celebrate SALA’s 20th at a Dada inspired evening embracing the experimental -whimsical wines, fanciful food and postmodern beats for art defying dancing.
Dress: daring fashion that breaks the rules.
Proudly supported by The Propaganda Club

Venue: The Old Regent.

Enter the laneway at 110 Grenfell St Adelaide , 5000

Medium: Ephemeral.

Event is suitable for children.