Finalists, Winners & Recipients

Check out the finalists and winners for the SALA Awards – and where to find them during the FestivalMost finalists will be announced in July, so that you can make plans to see their work during August. Winners are announced at the end of the Festival.

Head to our Awards page for information about applying for the awards, or check out our archive of past winners.

The City of Adelaide Incubator Award

This award recognises an artist whose work explores and/or celebrates the experience of the City.

Kaspar Schmidt Mumm’s participatory sculpture ROCKAMORA invited audiences to find purpose in play and challenged conventional ideas of what kind of art is shown in cultural institutions. 

  • Cheryl Bridgart
  • Lucinda Penn
  • Kaspar Schmidt Mumm
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UnitCare Services Digital Media Award

To encourage experimentation in new media 

Marian Sandberg’s The Presence collapsed past technology with current technological concerns, a kinetic sculpture echoing the perpetual digital scrolling of the modern day.

  • Kate Kurucz
  • Jacob Logos
  • Marian Sandberg
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The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award

For the most outstanding work in any medium in SALA Festival 2023. The finalists will feature in a dedicated finalist exhibition at Keith Murdoch House in Adelaide.

The judges found Susan’s moving image work Through My Lens to be evocative, with a depth that was echoed both conceptually and materially.

  • Bundy Bannerman
  • Sara Boni
  • Susan Bruce
  • Jingwei Bu
  • Amber Cronin
  • Stephanie Doddridge
  • Kane Dyer
  • David Hume
  • Kate Kurucz
  • Anna Lindner
  • Jungle Phillips
  • Janet Raleigh
  • Angela Valamanesh
  • Joel Zimmermann
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City Rural Emerging Artist Award

For artists in the early stages of their career with under five years’ professional experience.

Stephanie’s installation The Gardened Mind impressed upon the judges a sense of being privy to something very personal and demonstrated purposeful momentum across a variety of materials.

  • Stephanie Doddridge
  • Alyssa Powell-Ascura
  • Marian Sandberg
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Inspiring SA Science in Art Award

For artists whose work explores/engages with science or scientific issues.

Kate is recognised for work in her exhibition Eventual Horizon, which has strong thematic ties to scientific endeavor that are made all the more fascinating for Kate’s rendering of them.

  • Kate Kurucz
  • Sarah Neville & collaborating artists
  • Janet Raleigh
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City of Unley Active Ageing Award

For artists over the age of 60 to celebrate the City of Unley’s involvement with SALA and its commitment to promoting and supporting an active ageing approach. 

The judges were impressed with Katrina’s level of technique and ability to capture a mood. The depth and detail within the work drew the eye to several different areas of focus within the same work, and the judges were particularly impressed with the use of light and shade.

  • Carolyn Corletto
  • Katrina Linn
  • Eamonn Vereker
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Don Dunstan Foundation Award

For artists whose work explores social justice themes which align with the objectives and priorities of the Don Dunstan Foundation.

In his debut solo exhibition, Forgotten Fables of the South-East, Tyson presented inclusive portraiture that the judges felt fully encapsulated the principles of the Don Dunstan Foundation Award.

  • Tyson Jay Brant
  • Dave Nettle
  • Yasemin Sabuncu
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SALA Solo Photographic Opportunity

For an artist exhibiting photographic work in SALA Festival 2023, to support them in presenting a solo photographic exhibition of new work in the following year (SALA Festival 2024).

The panel were impressed by the strength of Yasemin’s story and her desire to share it dynamic ways. Yasemin will be supported to present new work at Praxis Artspace during SALA Festival 2024.

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Hither & Yon Venue Award

For venues who have exceeded expectations in supporting artists exhibiting during SALA Festival.

to be announced

Banner image: Kate Kurucz, Haza (still), 2023, single channel video