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Check out the projects and outcomes from our award winners and opportunity recipients that are scheduled for this year!

The Helpmann Academy SALA Award

Valued at $1,000 cash and in-kind. Awarded to an artist exhibiting in the 2024 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition who will benefit from exhibiting their work in the SALA Festival, the SALA Award provides premium registration for the 2024 SALA Festival.

We are delighted to share that Tam Timko has been selected as the recipient of the SALA Award at the 2024 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition for their work, Can You Hear Them.

Selected by an independent panel of industry leaders, the award is valued at $1000; including $530 cash, and a premium registration for this year’s Festival. 

Congratulations Tam! 

Tam Timko is an emerging artist based in South Australia who specialises in digital illustration and ceramics; they have also created works in glass, installation, sound, and sculpture. In their art practice, Tam has a particular interest in portraying themes of horror, terror, and queer identities, and they are often inspired by books, films, and general pop culture.

Instagram: @lotsa_heart_art

Can You Hear Them draws on ideas of the drain as a representation of the void and a source of thalassophobia – the fear of deep bodies of water, terror, and the unknown. The work is influenced by horror stories and films, in particular Stephen King’s It and works by Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito, alongside their own fear of drains and deep, dark spaces.

The installation consists of over twenty dark ceramic forms accompanied by an eerie audio component. The title of the work refers to the eldritch entity (or entities) that may reside within these portals, the sounds of which can be heard reverberating through the work. If you look down into these pockets of the abyss, notice that some contain water, and others are dry. All are dark as the abyss. It is waiting. They are somewhere, looking back at you. Tam invites viewers to make up their own mind, as they ask, “can you hear them?”

The City of Adelaide Incubator Award

This award recognises an artist whose work explores and/or celebrates the experience of the City.

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City of Onkaparinga SALA Artist in Residence

As the 2024 City of Onkaparinga SALA Artists in Residence, Laura Wills & Jackie Saunders will occupy a studio at Sauerbier House in August 2024, culminating in an exhibition in September. We look forward to visiting their studio during SALA Festival and finding out what has emerged as their collaborative focus throughout their residency.

Excited by the energy of earlier collaborative works, the Sauerbier House reference group selected to award the opportunity to Laura Wills and Jackie Saunders. In anticipating their studio outcomes, the panel felt their collective practices, powered by support and spontaneity, would contribute to understanding the possibilities embedded in intuitive site-based explorations.

SALA Solo Photographic Opportunity

For an artist exhibiting photographic work in SALA Festival 2023, to support them in presenting a solo photographic exhibition of new work in the following year (SALA Festival 2024).

The panel were impressed by the strength of Yasemin’s story and her desire to share it dynamic ways. Yasemin will be supported to present new work at Praxis Artspace during SALA Festival 2024.

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Banner image: Kate Kurucz, Haza (still), 2023, single channel video