Festival Participation

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is an annual, month-long festival that celebrates the work of South Australian visual artists alive today. Every August, artists participate by putting on an exhibition of work (or holding an arts event like an artist talk, workshop, or forum), and venues participate by hosting artists’ work or associated events. SALA Festival is an open access festival, meaning that all artists are welcome to participate regardless of age or level of experience.

In 2021, SALA will accept registrations of physical exhibitions that comply with State Government restrictions & online events (such as online exhibitions, video artist talks, virtual studio tours). All events are organised independently, then registered under the ‘umbrella’ of SALA. This is done by completing a registration form on the SALA website once all event details have been confirmed. Only one registration form needs to be submitted per event.

Registrations are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

SALA runs throughout the month of August annually, from 1—31 August every year.

Artist & Venue Finder – Closed, 3 May 2021

Registrations – Closed, 10 May 2021 

Awards Applications – Closed, 19 May 2021

Hither & Yon Venue Awards – OPEN (Closes 31 August 2021)

Open Studios Weekend – 7 & 8 August, 2021 

Slide Night – 19 August 2021

Regional Weekend: Port Pirie – 14 & 15 August 2021

All visual artists living and working in South Australia are eligible to be part of SALA. You can work in any medium, any skill level and be any age. 

Any South Australian venue can host a SALA exhibition, including private residences. 

Please note the visual arts genre encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, etc but it does not include theatre, music and dance unless these activities support a visual arts event. 


To participate in SALA Festival organisers must find an artist to exhibit or a venue to exhibit in. This can be quite a daunting task so we created the SALA Artist & Venue Finder to help artists and venues find each other. 

Whether you are an artist or a venue you can browse or create a profile to find the perfect match for your SALA event. For more information see the Artist & Venue Finder Page

If you would like to hold a physical exhibition in SALA, you will need to find a venue to host the exhibition. We recommend that you approach any venues that are appropriate for hosting your work to see if they are interested, and you can also view a list of venues seeking artists for SALA 2021 on the SALA Artist & Venue Finder. You can also create an artist profile on this platform to help venues to find you. Approaching a venue that might align with your kind of artwork can work really well too (eg, a petshop for animal portraits). Bear in mind that physical exhibitions must comply with current State Government restrictions

If you would like to hold an online exhibition, you do not need to find a venue, and can hold the exhibition on a website or web platform instead. In either case, a registration form will need to be submitted for the exhibition.

Online exhibitions need to be hosted independently, just like a physical exhibition does. The SALA program acts as a directory, not a host site.

See the SALA 2021 Participation Resource for some ideas on online platforms you might like to use. 

If you’re wanting to put on an online exhibition but not sure which platform to use, think about what you actually want to do first. If you’re presenting a body of work through photographs/images, maybe you could use Wix or a virtual gallery like artsteps. If you want to make an artist talk, maybe a narrated PowerPoint slideshow on YouTube or an audio recording on Soundcloud is more appropriate. 

For more information about different online platforms read our 2021 SALA Participation Resource.

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on how many exhibitions or events an artist can exhibit in, however each new project will need a new registration form.

Once all the details of your event are certain, you need to complete a SALA registration form. You can do this via the SALA Online Portal. The information you enter in the registration form will feed into the SALA Program. SALA is an ‘open access’ Festival, which means that all artists are welcome to participate. 

If you are have any trouble with the SALA registration form please do not hesitate to contact the SALA office or you may like to watch our Registration Demonstration video.

Registrations are now closed.

Registrations for the 2022 Festival will open early March. 

Registrations for the 2022 festival will close mid 2022.

SALA offers reduced Early Bird registration fees for registrations submitted before 5 April. See the table below for a full breakdown of the SALA registration fees:

Fee type

Early Bird Pricing

Regular Fee

 Solo artist



 2-10 artists



 11-20 artists



 20+ artists



Open studio (An Open Studio is the space where the artist   normally works which is opened to the general public)



Education (Kindergartens, Primary or Secondary schools ONLY) 



Special event (workshop, forum, presentation etc) 



Additional Activities  (when added to a registration)



Artist Talk









Artist at work / demonstration 






Premium Registration (includes guaranteed image and 25 word exhibition description in print program, and additional image in online program)



Each year several local councils support artists and venues participating in SALA by subsiding partial or whole registration fees. This scheme acknowledges the role that artists and local venues play in the cultural life of the council area. See the Council Rebates page for a full list of participating councils.

If your council has not listed a rebate offer, please contact them directly to enquire whether they can offer this service.  

  • a physical art exhibition (within State Government restrictions) (this is the most common way that artists participate)
  • an online visual art exhibition 
  • an artist talk (which can occur without an exhibition)
  • a forum about art 
  • a virtual or physical tour
  • an open studio

    Don’t see your event type here? Call the SALA Office on 7077 0011 to discuss your idea.

A studio is the space where an artist creates their artwork. SALA is a great time to invite the general public to see the spaces where artists work, either by opening up the space to the public or by recording a tour of the space and sharing it online.

Each year SALA highlights the registered open studios over the Open Studios Weekend (7 & 8 August). If you are registering an Open Studio, consider trying to align your open dates with this particular weekend. SALA accepts registrations from dedicated commercial studios and studios in private residences.

Please note that if multiple artists are working in a studio, they need to be informed of and in support of the studio’s proposed registration.

Artists, curators and venues that are participating in a registered SALA exhibition/event are encouraged to self-nominate for the SALA Awards.

Read up on the different awards and eligibility criteria on the SALA Awards page, and be sure to complete an Award nomination form via the SALA Online Portal before the close of nominations.

The majority of awards closed 19 May 2021 with the exception of the Hither & Yon Venue Award (Closing 31 August 2021)

Award nominations opened Monday, 1 March 2021.

The majority of awards closed Wednesday, 19 May 2021, with the exception of the Hither & Yon Venue Award (Closing 31 August 2021).

Yes. It is the responsibility of the artist and the venue to secure adequate public liability insurance. This insurance covers the risk of a member of the public injuring themselves through the action of the artist or the venue (eg, an artwork falling off a wall and injuring someone). You may also seek contents insurance to cover equipment/art work within the space against being damaged for the duration of the exhibition.

For insurance advice and short term cover for your SALA exhibition contact SALA partners City Rural Insurance on 8272 7785 / cityrural.net.au

As long as your event adheres to State Government restrictions and incorporates South Australian living visual artists, please consider registering it. If you would like help or feedback you can call the SALA Office on 7077 0011.

Via our Donate page.
All donations have a huge impact on our future; we appreciate every contribution.
Donations above $2 are tax deductible.

As every venue is different, SALA is unable to give blanket advice about how best to adhere to State Government restrictions. We recommend that you/your venue get up-to-date information from the State Government of South Australia