Bike the Art Trails of Kilkenny

Bike the Art Trails of Kilkenny.

Start Date: Aug 1st
End Date: Aug 31st
Opening Times: Full details of tour sessions:
Opening Event: Aug 5th 4pm

Ride or walk the streets of Kilkenny to Woodville Park and see the art work of professional and or emerging artists along with naive designs by community members displayed on stobie poles, in paste ups, fence art and on walls. The last 2 years have seen this neighbourhood pick up a paintbrush or shovel and alter their environment, one brush stroke at a time. A range of artists will be out painting while the bike tours take place.

Venue: Alton Reserve.

50 Reynell St Kilkenny, 5009

8243 0001

Medium: Mixed Media, Painting.

Event is suitable for children.

Event has wheelchair access.

Additional activities

Artist in Session

Saturdays 2-4pm