Camoflage Melodies

Camoflage Melodies.

Artist: Emma Crafter.

Start Date: Aug 12th
End Date: Aug 26th
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Opening Event: Aug 12th 12:30-3pm

Feeling through the dark
Aching to make my mark-
First light of the soul
Sweet rhythm,
Breathe my role
Tap in; tap out
And fold.

Venue: Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.

207 Hampstead Rd Northfield, 5085

8222 1600

Medium: Mixed Media, Painting.

Event is suitable for children.

Additional activities

Artist Talk

Launch event for Emma's two SALA exhibitions:
12 Aug, 5:30pm - secret location, collect address from either event's exhibition opening