Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly.

Artists: Amanda Hassett, Cassandra Parry, Celeste Tapper, Danielle Renfrey, Lynda Duke, Megan Heitmann, Richard Lavendar, Rina Auciello, Vicki Niesingh.

30 Jul - 29 Sept
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

Gravity-defying antics, mindful meditations and soaring abstracts will take to the skies this SALA in 'Learning to Fly' a group exhibition by newly-fledged 'Fifteen'. Facing the challenge of launching into the unknown, our artists have responded with works to inspire and delight; flights of fancy, uplifting ideas, and a cheeky flash of courage. Open 9-5 daily with 2 hour free parking - do swoop in and check it out!

Venue: Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.

Block 1A 207 Hampstead Road Northfield, 5085

0466 450 413

Medium: Painting.

Event is suitable for children.

Event has wheelchair access.