The Unwelcome

Ian Gibbins, from "Floodtide", Video, HD video, duration 8:00 minutes
Ian Gibbins, from "The Ferrovores", Video, HD video, duration: 5:30 minutes
Digital, Moving Image, Performance, Sound, Video
Ian Gibbins
This exhibition presents a selection of my short videos, commenting on the environment, corruption, border controls, colonialism, authoritarianism… unwanted circumstances that, by design or active neglect, now or in a dystopian future, make us, and those around us, feel isolated, afraid, oppressed, forgotten, erased, silenced… unwelcome.

By combining moving image, audio and text, these videos expand the range of poetic expression far beyond the printed page or live performance: they give voice to the unspeakable; they can generate images of the unseen and unseeable; they can develop rhythms and moods that defy description with conventional language.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Sun Viewable 24/7