Open Studios Weekend

The SALA Festival Open Studios Weekend encourages the public to see the many working studio spaces here in South Australia. From the group studio to the home studio, there are as many different ways of working as there are artists.

SALA defines an open studio to be a space where the general public can view an artist at work. The Open Studios Weekend gives audiences a unique insight into how a work of art is created. The creation process is different for each practitioner and each medium. The open studio model also allows audiences and artists the opportunity to connect and discuss art outside of the gallery environment.

The 2021 Open Studios Weekend is 7-8 August.

If you would like to host an open studio, see our Festival Participation page for more information on how to register. 

View the gallery below to see pictures from the Floating Goose Studios, Collective Haunt Open Studios, Manton Studios, Fleurieu Arthouse and Central Studios.