School Participation

SALA Festival is proud to have Credit Union SA as our Education Partner, supporting the visual arts in schools and school participation in the Festival.

Every year South Australian schools register exhibitions of student artwork to be part of the SALA Festival in August. In 2020 this tradition continued while adhering to physical distancing measures. Schools were invited to show student work through online exhibitions and physical exhibitions that comply with State Government restrictions. It is free for schools to register and registrations were accepted right up until the end of August. Each year a selection of school exhibitions are recognised in the Credit Union SA School Awards. For more information see the SALA 2020 School Participation Guide and continue down this page for FAQs.

Another way that the visual arts are being nurtured in South Australian schools is through the Schools Artist in Residence program, a pilot program presented by SALA Festival and Credit Union SA. Practicing South Australian visual artists are being paired with schools to deliver engaging and dynamic learning and support educators in providing diverse learning opportunities for students.

August is also an opportune time for educators to explore the work of South Australian living artists in their teaching. Please see below for Support Materials.

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Education Resource

The Education Resource is developed each year in response to the work of SALA Feature Artists, intended to help educators to incorporate the work of South Australian living artists and the SALA Festival itself, into their teaching.

Education Resource - Roy Ananda - front page
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Credit Union SA School Awards

Established in 2018, the SALA School Awards aim to encourage South Australian schools to participate in the annual SALA Festival in August.

Every school exhibition registered in the 2020 SALA Festival is automatically entered into the awards. Schools will be judged during SALA Festival and the winners will be announced at a dedicated ceremony in September 2020.

Credit Union SA will award a prize of $2,500 to winning schools, and a prize of $1,000 to commended schools, recognising different strengths and creativity in presenting student artwork to the community.


Adelaide High School
Adelaide High School SALA Exhibition 2020

Faith Lutheran College
Feels to Frames – Faith Lutheran College Year 6 Artists

St John’s Grammar School
à la carte

Wirreanda Secondary School
Classic Blue


Nuriootpa High School
Nuriootpa High School Senior SALA Exhibition

Walkerville Primary School
Walk the Terrace with Walkerville Primary School


St John’s Grammar 
Conversations with Line 

Riverland Special School
Sensory Stars 

The Heights School
The Heights School Art Exhibition Competition 

St Gabriel’s School
Gabriel’s Gallery 


Bridgewater Primary School 
The Earth Beneath Our Feet 

Woodside Primary School
We All Smile in the Same Language

Bowden Brompton Community School
Kill the Streets 

Primary School Award:

Joint Winners:  Woodside Primary – Plastic Oceans

                            St Brigid’s School – Identity Explorers

Runner Up:       Elizabeth Grove Primary School – Square-eyed

Secondary School Award:

Winner:                South Coast collective of schools including
                             Encounter Lutheran College, Investigator
                             College and Victor Harbor High School
                              – SALA School Art Show

Joint Runner Up: Bowden Brompton Community School
                               – Work Hard Dream Big

                               St John’s Grammar School

                                – Current Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Schools are encouraged to register an exhibition of student artwork in the SALA Festival that falls within the month of August by at least one day. The exhibition will need to be open to the public at least once.

Some ideas for how to participate include:
 – having an exhibition in the school gym and holding an open night for public access.
– weaving artwork into the school fence so that the work is viewable 24/7
– finding a local cafe or community space to host the student artwork on the walls.
– creating an online exhibition of student artwork

 Other ideas are welcome as long as they comply with State Government physical distancing restrictions.

SALA registrations open Monday, 1 March 2021 and close Monday, 10 March 2021. 

Exhibitions or events need to occur in August.
They can start well before and run long after, or maybe only run for 1 day, as long as the exhibition is safely viewable/accessible to the public at least once during August.

As many as you like! There is no required amount of students to participate. It can be a whole school, a few classes, one class, a small group, or an individual.

You can register for the 2021 SALA Festival by completing and submitting a registration form. This form will be accessible when registrations open on a date to be advised.

School exhibitions need to be of student artwork. Any artwork not made by students needs to be clearly labelled as such. 

You can certainly have multiple exhibitions! Each new exhibition will require a new registration form.

Any time since the last Festival (August 2020). Educators who have previously participated in SALA recommend aiming to have all work completed by the end of Term 2, unless your project requires otherwise.

If you have any questions please contact the SALA Office. 

Don’t have any images of student work from 2021? That’s ok!
Please do not use the school logo or a stock image.
Instead, you could use a photograph of similar student artwork or a close-up/detail shot of a work in progress.

Call the SALA office if you need further assistance / an alternative option.

If your exhibition is off-campus, come to an agreement with the venue about how sales will be processed (will they forward inquiries to you or will they process sales and possibly take a commission?).
If the exhibition is on-campus or online then you can determine how this goes. In either case, make sure that there is a way for viewers to find out prices (eg. prices on a floorsheet or prices on artwork labels), a system of recording sales, a way of indicating which works have sold (a red dot sticker is standard) and a plan for how sold artworks are packaged/collected.

A theme can be a great way to tie everything together but is not required.

While Kindergartens aren’t eligible for the School Awards, they are grouped with schools in the SALA Program under the label of ‘Education’ and encouraged to celebrate their students’ artwork.

SALA Festival and Credit Union SA representatives will visit school SALA exhibitions (whether they are online or within physical distancing restrictions) during August. However, we ask that each school documents their exhibition through photographs to supplement the judging process where a visit is not possible.

You will need to have secured a URL before you submit your exhibition form. If you wish to submit your registration before the exhibition is ready to be viewed, see this information sheet for your options.

There are no stipulations around how many pieces are exhibited.