Rosina Possingham & Brianna Speight, Above (throwaway unicorn), Digital, 73 x 110 cm
Sue Michael, Bushfire Haze over Beach Shacks, Painting, 18 x 27 cm
Margie Sheppard, Thinking about Summer, Painting, 125 x 130 cm
Mixed Group
Ceramics, Drawing, Glass, Painting, Photography, Print-making, Sculpture
Maxie Ashton, Max Callaghan, Sue Michael, Frey Micklethwait, Rosina Possingham, Kelly Reynolds, Mary-Jean Richardson, Tara Rowhani-Farid, Margie Sheppard, Brianna Speight, Cassie Thring, Lucy Turnbull, Gerry Wedd
Held during the darkest part of the Aussie winter, Heatwave is an ode to summer; long days, hot nights.

22 Jul - 22 Aug
Thu-Sat 11am-5pm
Sun 1-5pm
West Gallery Thebarton
32 West Thebarton Rd, Thebarton
0439 996 957
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