Nature and Consciousness

Sarah Northcott, Stick man, Mixed Media, 15 x 15 cm
Sue Michael, Waite Arboretum sketches No 1, Painting, 20 x 30 cm


Mixed Group
Drawing, Installation, Metal, Mixed Media, Moving Image, Multimedia, Painting, Sculpture, Video
Susan Bruce, Fran Callen, Maarten Daudeij, John Foubister, Sue Michael, Lee Salamone, Deb Sleeman
Panpsychism considers consciousness as a quality inherent in all matter, from plants, to fungi, to bacteria, to molecules
and viruses, rather than something special in the brain of highly evolved organisms. Is the natural world conscious, experiencing pleasure, pain, visual and auditory phenomena? Does this disrupt the traditional distinction between living and
non-living entities: What it is like to be a rock? Can plants communicate, learn and remember? What are the implications for environmental ethics? If we consider sentient a fungus, cell or virus, how would that change what kind of rights they have?Curated by Sarah Northcott

This exhibition is a finalist in the City of Onkaparinga Contemporary Curator Award.

5-27 Aug
Wed-Sat 12-5pm
Opening Event 05 Aug , 06:00 pm-08:00 pm
The Main Gallery
156 Halifax St, Adelaide
7225 0218
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