The Imperfect

Bec Long, Electric Dreams, Mixed Media, 60 x 60cm
Bec Long, Rocky Edge, Mixed Media, 15 x 15cm
Bec Long, Down by the Sea, Mixed Media, 25 x 25cm


Mixed Media
Bec Long
Workshop, Exhibition
An exhibition presenting a journey of imperfections. Allowing one's self to see beyond perfection and embrace the imperfect world around us, with all its flaws. I was consumed with needing to be perfect to be accepted or to feel valued, especially as an artist. But, the imperfect is beautiful and I have realised I should embrace myself and my art and trust in the journey. Perfect or not.

1 Aug - 11 Sep
Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11-12am
Opening Event 03 Aug , 06:00 pm-10:00 pm
Pirate Life
18 Baker St, Port Adelaide
8317 2111
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Workshop Resin Art for Beginners. 03 Aug 06:00pm - A chance to relax, let down your hair and get creative using high quality artist resin. Great fun with friends and family! Workshop runs for 2 hours. Cost is from $120, all materials are included with a complimentary drink on arrival. Booking Required