Transience: Self-portraits in passing

Ross McNaughtan, Untitled, Photography, 40.64 x 50.8cm


People do not see themselves. Working to portray ourselves a certain way we only see ourselves reflected in the world around us. Whether or not that is who we are and are seen to be is dubious. Seeing the reflection of ourselves, a representation we try to shape, in the world around us and the people we meet, we catch mere glimpses of ourselves as we pass through the world.

In the city, waiting at street crossings, reflected glimpses in the windows of passing buses is some form of you. You catch an idea of what you look like as you stand among others. You see yourself in a crowd — you’re given context of yourself in the world. That is the key to these photographs: context of ourselves as we pass through. A poor, warped, distorted representation of a moment in time often capturing parts of three planes: the reflection, the surface and behind the surface. These are visual puzzles to search through, attempt to make sense, work to solve, try to ascertain meaning. We search for clarity in the grains of a small piece of film, never quite sure if an element is in front or behind, a reflection or on the other side.

These photographs are somewhat reminiscent of and were inspired by the works of Lee Friedlander’s street photographs.

3 Aug - 1 Sep
Thu-Sat 11am-4pm
Opening Event 04 Aug , 06:00 pm-08:00 pm
Artist/Exhibition Website
The Butcher's Shop
56A George St, Thebarton
8443 8272
Artist Talk Talking about Transience. 19 Aug 03:00pm - A conversation with the artist about the intention and making of the exhibition.