Drawing to Acrylic Earring, DIY Workshop

Amy, Workshop, Jewellery
Amy, Workshop WIP, Jewellery


Craft, Jewellery, Mixed Media
Workshop, DIY Activity
This workshop is all about unleashing some creativity (even if it has been hidden away), and making some jewellery that is truly unique to you. Participants will learn some basic jewellery-making techniques, while being guided on how to turn shrinkable paper and illustrations into earrings!

This workshop is also about designing your own jewellery using our selection of original-designed acrylic charms (more than 100 styles are laser-cut in our studio). They will be able to make 3–4 pairs of earrings, or alternatively, two pairs of earrings plus some rings and hair clips in this 2.5-hour workshop.

A unique point about this class is the drawing component. We will teach you how to draw your very own unique charms using shrinkable paper and UV resin. Everything you create will be your own little original masterpiece that can dangle from your ears.

12-26 Aug
Sat 1-3:30pm
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The Mill
154 Angas St, Adelaide
0423 059 077
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