Whiskey in the Jar

Eamonn Vereker Glass, Whiskey in the Jar, Glass
Andrew Baldwin and Assistant, Whiskey in the Jar, Glass


Open Studio/Mixed Group
Andrew BALDWIN, Verity Jasmin BURLEY, Emma KLAU, Nick MOUNT, Alex VALERO, Eamonn VEREKER
Artist Demonstration, Open Studio, Exhibition
Whiskey in the Jar is a combination of refined glass-making, glassware to acquire or simply admire. Six glass artists at various stages of craftsmanship demonstrate and exhibit what it takes to combine rarefied skill, the wisdom of experience and delectable taste in a hot liquid material.

Eamonn Vereker is a finalist in the 2023 City of Unley Active Ageing Award for work in this exhibition.

31 Jul - 3 Sep
Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm
Sat-Sun 10am-2pm
Eamonn Vereker Glass Studio
87 Sydenham Rd, Norwood
8362 9904
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Artist Demonstration Glass blowing. 05 Aug 10:00am - Free demonstrations from 05/08 - 26/08 each Saturday throughout August from 10am