Stories from the Brush

Ann Gill, Elsewhere, Painting, 30 x 40cm
Steve Sutton, Chickindigo, Painting, 30 x 40cm


Mixed Group
Ann GILL, Karen KESBY, Maryjane LIEBELT, Steve SUTTON
This exhibition celebrates the world of visual storytelling... the art of communicating emotions & narratives to the viewer, without using words. It is a journey full of challenges and joy.
These paintings are our stories... memories, moments & marvels we share with you. Perhaps they are your stories too.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Fri 9:30am-5pm
Sat 12-4pm
Opening Event 05 Aug , 01:00 pm-02:30 pm
Hindmarsh Library
139 Port Rd, Hindmarsh
0417 083 027
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