Finding Solace. Along the Path and Away from Here.

Beiha Yanez, Finding Solace, Painting, 42 × 59.4cm
Chloe Bower, Along the path and away from here, Painting


Drawing, Painting
Chloe BOWER, Beiha-Malen YANEZ
Working creatively alongside one another throughout most the duration of high school, Beiha and Chloe got distracted by life and living on different paths and in different directions. They reunited and began to exchange ideas of creativity once again, prompting them to arrange a show together. Perhaps through their work they can show one another what it is like to live and learn on the paths they were on and how they have adapted as both creatives and maturing adults.

Like one would escape into a book you too can escape into a painting and the process of painting itself. Taking you to places created by vision, dream and memory. Through each delicate brush gesture, you can imagine yourself there, in that place, and what it would feel like to be amongst it all. Showing a way for the viewer to ‘see’ and be transported there too. Hopefully, from the tiny cells of a plant leaf all the way to the rustle of the wind in the leaves of a gum tree, the viewer can too, find the same solace that Beiha and Chloe have found in nature, as a place of healing and creativity.

1-31 Aug
Fri 4-9pm
Sun 1-5pm
Opening Event 30 Jul , 03:00 pm-05:00 pm
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