Sent and Received

Jessie Nok Wai Hui, Long living noodles, Painting, 40 x 50cm
Jessie Nok Wai Hui, You said don't miss me but i'm gonna, Painting, 76 x 92cm


Jessie Nok Wai HUI
The solo show Sent and Received by Jessie Nok Wai Hui exhibits her new body of paintings. The 7 blue monochrome dreamscapes examine family reunion and parting, inspired by her last visit to Hong Kong. Hui visualises her mixed feelings of bliss and grief from Lunar New Years celebration and mourning for deceased family member into a series of illustrative work. The dreamscapes are her projected mental space where Hui contemplates on opposing ideas on living and death and the joy and heart breaks that comes along with the transitory state of being.

Crying helps Hui to recognise and to address these inescapable issues as the tears unfold Hui's unaware feelings and thoughts from the unconscious to her conscience mind. While crying with her family, the bodily expression becomes a subtle form of communication where their feelings are seen and can be felt without much verbal explanation. It goes the same with laughter, other gestures and feelings. The body of work is an attempt to capture these feelings and non-verbal messages flying within Hui's inner self and between her family.

Hui's storytelling work is loose and heavy, comforting and chaotic. The contrast between opaque and transparent paint, filled and emptied canvas space, dark and bright colours emphasise the two opposing feelings and two states of being. Sent and Received is Hui's dynamic journey travelling between bliss and grief, reunion and parting.

20 Jul - 19 Aug
Wed-Sat 11am-4pm
Opening Event 20 Jul , 05:30 pm-07:30 pm
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Collective Haunt Inc.
Lvl 1, 68 The Parade, Norwood

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