We've Got It Covered

Alexander Murphy, Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover,


Digital, Drawing, Painting
Blend Creative
Robert ABBOTT, Gemma BROWN, Tahnee COATES, Wayne CRABB, Julie CUTTS, Karina DELAND, Donna EERDEN, Cathy EERDEN, Joshua GOLDFINCH, Bryan (Buddy) GOLLAN, Rebecca GORDON, Brandon HALL, Richard HARDING, Alec HORTIN, Mark HUMBY, Tom KEANE, Joanna KLAOSEN, Daniel KOTOMSKI, Sarah KUERSCHNER, Tiffany LITTLER, Jared LLOYD, Andrew MACDONALD MASTERS, Nash MCLEAN, Adrian MORGAN, Alexander MURPHY, Thomas NG, Connor O'NEILL, Travis RICHARDSON, Ebony SOLOMANN, Michael TYE, Alice WATERMAN, Taumaline WEATHERILL, Tyler WILLIS
Everyone views life through a different lens. Recreating covers to our favourite books, albums, games, we better understand each other and see the common ground that binds us together as a deeply connected community.

7 Aug - 1 Sep
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Opening Event 08 Aug , 02:30 pm-04:00 pm
The Joinery
111 Franklin St, Adelaide
8223 5155
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