Flying SOLO Numer 15

Cheryl Bridgart, Forever Now, Mixed Media, 61 x 88cm
Cheryl Bridgart, Intricate Dance, Mixed Media, 61 x 71cm
Cheryl Bridgart, Threads of Meaning, Mixed Media, 84 x 72cm


Painting, Textiles
Artist Demonstration, Exhibition
Finalist last 2 years in Australian National Textile Awards. Celebration of 15 solo SALA Exhibitions Cheryl will showcase new works & her personal journey over 15 consecutive years. Concepts are told by names of yearly solo exhibitions & titles of her art, creating a body of approx. 50 art works each year. Letting the imagination run free unravelling nature’s secrets & relevance in the form of figurative detailed embroidered wall art & tailored art to wear. Cheryl’s skill & training in fine art is the foundation of her language of tactile freehand machine embroidery which brings the hands of the maker into her art. Using only her hands & eyes to guide unmarked canvas under the needle of a sewing machine to bring images to life. (Not computerised designs or photos copied). Labour-intensive technique, immediate and spontaneous as millions of stitches & 100‘s of hours create each larger art with no room for error. Over 50 wall art, couture quality art to wear, sketchbooks and you can watch Cheryl create her magic at each opening in a venue drenched in history like no other in Adelaide.

Cheryl Bridgart is a finalist in the 2023 City of Adelaide Incubator Award for work in this exhibition.

13-27 Aug
Fri-Sun 11am-5pm

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Beltana House
364 Carrington St, Adelaide
0417 813 779