The things we love

UnitingSA, The things we love, Drawing, 40 x 20cm


Craft, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Textiles
UnitingSA Aged Care
Online Exhibition, Exhibition
It only takes a stroll into a UnitingSA Aged Care home in Adelaide to know you are in a place filled with rich memories of lives well lived and loved.

For the first time at SALA, UnitingSA Aged Care has brought together the unique perspectives, warmth, and zest of its artistic residents in an exhibition titled 'The Things We Love'.

Those who have enjoyed creating art throughout their lives have relished the opportunity to put their creativity on show.

The exhibition will tour around each of UnitingSA’s five Aged Care homes and be on public display at West Lakes

24 Aug
Thu 10am-4pm
1 Charles St, West Lakes
8448 6100
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