Its all Rubbish - Strings Attached

Janet Raleigh, Moonshadow, Sculpture, 60 x 60cm
Janet Raleigh, Sol Glimmer, Sculpture, 60 x 60cm


Mixed Media, Sculpture, Textiles
Online Exhibition
This series offers contemplation about the fragility of our environment. Needing to create natural connections and assist with the well being of our world we all have an opportunity to initiate new beginnings and innovative ways we can deal with waste.
"When the air becomes thick, the last waterhole contaminated, the last bird vanishes, the last ocean polluted, you will realise that you cannot eat plastic." JR

Janet Raleigh is a finalist in the 2023 Inspiring SA Science in Art Award for work in this exhibition.
Janet is also a finalist in The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award, and will be featured in the finalist exhibition at Keith Murdoch House during SALA.

1-31 Aug
Viewable 24/7
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