14th Solar Art Prize

Paul Whitehead, Healing (galahs at Mt Chambers Gorge), Photography, 100 x 150cm
Wendy Jennings, They will just disappear (detail from Triptich), Painting, 42 x 186cm


Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Selected Art Prize Winners
The 14th Solar Art Prize Winners are exhibiting at the Rising Sun Inn, Kensington.
Showcasing Endangered wildlife featured strongly with many of this year's winners - Caring for our Planet.
Demonstrated strongly by Wendy Jennings in her work "They will just disappear" a joint winner of the Overall Prize with Paul Whitehead's photograph "Healing (galahs at Mt Chambers gorge)" a more optimistic piece.
Theirs and other winners work will be at the Rising Sun, other artists are likely to be Bev Bills, Maureen Hart, Elizabeth Solich, Herbert Neetzel, Annette Marner, Judith Strikis, Anne Allen, Will Powrie, Terry McDermot.
Winners received vouchers for solar products from Natural Technology Systems, Prospect, thus lowering their carbon footprint while communicating environment aspects of climate change to the public.
Other finalists will be exhibiting in Pilgrim Chruch, Flinders Street, throughout SALA.

8 Aug - 16 Oct
Mon-Wed 4-6pm
Thu-Sat 3-5:30pm
Sun 2:30-4pm
Opening Event 08 Aug , 06:00 pm-07:00 pm
Rising Sun Inn
60 Bridge St, Kensington
8333 0721
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