Art Amongst the Greens

Raelene Newton, Approaching Storm, Painting, 44 x 37cm
Richard Koehne, Santa's Helpers, Photography, 30 x 25cm


Drawing, Painting, Photography
Russell BOYD, Rick KOEHNE, Raylene NEWTON, John NEYLON, Helen RICE, Kathy SAINT, Denny SMALLEY, Margo WILSON
This exhibition is located at the Blackwood Golf Club. The Club is located at Cherry Gardens in the Adelaide Hills. Presented by very talented members, the Club is pleased be part of SALA once again. The exhibitions in previous years have been hugely successful, with the local community, as well as the members embracing the concept. This year's exhibition consists of a range of a range of art work in charcoal, pastels, oils and acrylics as well as small stained glass pieces. Photography also plays an important part of this exhibition. A must for locals and the wider community.

6-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 11am-4pm
Opening Event 06 Aug , 02:30 pm-04:00 pm
Blackwood Golf Club
611 Cherry Gardens Rd, Cherry Gardens
8388 2313
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