On The Ridge Top Tour

Annette Vincent, Keeping Watch, Drawing, 73 x 100cm
Annette Vincent, Split Rock, Drawing, 73 x 100cm
Annette Vincent, Sellers Lookout, Drawing, 73 x 100cm


Open Studio/Established
Open Studio, Exhibition
This area and other parts of the Flinders Ranges are in the process of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Listed area. These pen and ink drawings on canvas show the diversity of vegetation and geology of the sanctuary.
In the studio there are unfinished drawings, some will be finished by the the time SALA opens.
Each drawing has the date and GPS of where I sat, but I didn't put in the direction I was looking, so you will have to take the "Ridge Top Tour" to see for yourself.

30 Jul - 19 Aug
31 Mon-Tue,3 Thu-Sun 1-4pm
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14 Mon-Tue, 17 Thu-Fri, 20 Sun 1-4pm
Opening Event 30 Jul , 02:00 pm-04:00 pm
Annette Vincent Studio and Garage Gallery
35 Yeltana Ave, Wattle Park
0427 485 951