I find myself pouring tea

Lena Joy Martin, pot belly woman, Ceramics, 22 x 20cm
Lena Joy Martin, I'm a little teapot, Ceramics, 28 x 28cm


Ceramics, Mixed Media, Sculpture
A magical realism in clay: teapots, drinking vessels and whimsical figures from Lena's real life...
Inspired by children's rhymes and stories that captivated my imagination or healed my heart with laughter and tears, these characters depicted in clay are archetypes that exist in a solid reality where stories matter. Stories matter because they give meaning to the struggles and triumphs of our lives. They give us heroines of extraordinary courage, wit and potency, inspiring our own dreams and feeding our will.
The ubiquitous teapot, diverse in form, primarily a functional object, sits on the table as silent witness. It holds space, comforts us with warmth and revives our spirit. Each one has its own story, too.

These vessels are made by hand, of clay gathered from somewhere nearby... shaped with care, fired with excitement, anticipation... and a hope that the transformation by fire will give them strength, longevity and unique character.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 8:30am-4pm
Opening Event 02 Aug , 06:30 pm-08:00 pm
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The Organic Market and Cafe
5 Druid Ave, Stirling
8339 4835