Fiona's Garden

Fiona Zimmermann, Fiona's Wish, Painting, 30 x 30cm
Fiona Zimmermann, , Painting, 30 x 30cm


An exciting art exhibition showcases colourful, abstract artworks painted by Fiona Zimmermann, a 26 year old survivor of an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury). On the 9th of November, 2014, 2 weeks after celebrating her 18th birthday with her twin sister Leah, Fiona suffered a massive brain bleed as a result of a ruptured Cerebral AVM (Arteriovenous malformation) at home and was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for 10 hours of emergency brain surgery. Against all the odds Fiona survived, it was and is a miracle because most people don’t. On the brink of starting her adult life, her life as she once knew it was changed in a split second. Seven years on, fast-forward to 2023, Fiona continues to require full-time care and assistance for all her daily needs.

Fiona like her brother Joel, was and continues to be very creative. She enjoyed doing Art through her high school years as well as sewing, cooking and caring for animals and was not shy of hard work. Several of her wooden pallet creations are gracing her home. Since coming home from Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital in July 2015, Fiona’s family and carers have continued to give her every opportunity to engage in creative activities.

With assistance provided by Jane Butterworth (Local Barossa Artist) and Fiona’s support workers, Fiona has continued to create brilliant vibrant artworks using acrylic paint on a stretched canvas. One of the intentions during Fiona’s art sessions is to encourage freedom of expression. Using a range of brushes, sponges, and colour(s) of her choice, Fiona paints a wonderful, colourful display on her canvas. The canvas is rotated to encourage and help Fiona to reach across all edges of the canvas. Fiona achieves her art style through layering colours over a number of Art sessions.

Jane quotes: “It's such a joy to observe and assist Fiona with creating her own artwork. Fiona's colour choices are spectacularly presented on the canvas through her gentle and passionate brushstroke styles. From the movement and expression of each brushstroke, I believe there is potential for healing on both a mental and physical level. Knowing the daily physical and mental challenges Fiona faces due to her ABI and another major health issue, it’s so wonderful to see Fiona progress into her 2nd SALA Art Exhibition”.

Due to Fiona’s current health issues, her ability to travel is currently very limited. Although not being able to visit the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company since her debut SALA Art Exhibition Opening Event in Aug 2022, this venue remains one of Fiona's favourite places to visit in the Barossa Valley. We hope you enjoy this truly special art exhibition by an inspiring young lady, Fiona Zimmermann.

2 Aug - 11 Sep
Mon, Wed-Sun 10am-5pm
Opening Event 02 Aug , 11:00 am-01:00 pm
Barossa Valley Chocolate Company
64 Burings Rd, Tanunda
8565 9800
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