GROUNDED - YP Art Festival, Photography Exhibition

Sue Hancock, Salt - Lake - Grasses, Photography
Adam Meyer, Honner Lake, Photography


Mixed Group
Yorke Peninsula Arts & Culture Working Group - Yorke Peninsula Council
GROUNDED - YP Art Festival presents the Photography Exhibition with Southern Yorke Peninsula Photography Club.

The Photography exhibition will be presented at Tanagra House, Edithburgh in partnership with the Southern Yorke Peninsula Photography Club.

Exhibiting artwork created by our local school students, artists on the Yorke Peninsula and from around South Australia.
GROUNDED includes 3 exhibitions of fine art, sculpture and photography each featuring GROUNDED – YP Art Festival Prizes.

GROUNDED replaces the Easter YP Art Exhibition and will offer music, dance, performing arts, First Nations Narungga food, art and culture, artisan foods, beverages, products etc. We’re excited to create a comprehensive and immersive festival atmosphere.

Why GROUNDED and what is the purpose of curating an Arts Festival for the people and visitors of Yorke Peninsula? Well, YP’s ground is ancient, significant, and productive. Shack owners escape to the YP as it has a grounding and calming effect on one’s mood. The community sets its roots in YP’s ground and works hard to produce excellent things for our people. Our ground is fertile in practical and figurative ways. Art is often healing, inclusive and ground-breaking; it keeps us grounded.

The GROUNDED - YP Art Festival being held 11-20 August, seeks to inspire and grow the celebration of the arts on Guuranda, Yorke Peninsula by nurturing our creatives: traditional owners the Narungga People, residents, and shack owners. By offering numerous platforms for important storytelling and expression, we can connect with our visitors.

Visit our website to keep up to date with the exciting program we have created for GROUNDED YP Art Festival -

GROUNDED – YP Art Festival is supported by the Yorke Peninsula Council.

13-20 Aug
Mon-Sun 10am-3pm
Opening Event 12 Aug , 04:00 pm-07:00 pm
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Tanagra House
9 Cross St, Edithburgh
0491 086 854
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