Between the Lines

Kristina Sarah Graziano, , Drawing, 14.85 x 21cm
Kristina Sarah Graziano, , Drawing, 14.85 x 21cm


Drawing, Painting
Kristina Sarah GRAZIANO
Between the lines I am a mother, a wife, a daughter; a woman. Between each line I am the hand holder, the pain taker, the lover giver. Sometimes the lines flow freely and sometimes I am simply out of ink.

But each line culminates depth and dimension, they connect and intertwine, leading to unknown endings and unexpected beginnings. The lines layer like a multidimensional puzzle. A constant reminder to embrace them and the spaces between them, even when it feels inconsistent and haphazard, sometimes wobbly and accidental.
The precise yet intuitive lines (and spaces) accumulate in both quiet moments and relentless noise. Each line is a marker, a moment, a memory that creates the final image.

1-31 Aug
Wed-Sat 10am-5pm
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