Chaos and Cosmos

Lauren Bzowy, Jumping Through Hoops (sketch), Drawing, 29.7 x 21cm
Lucien Drivas, wavy lady, Drawing


Craft, Drawing, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Photography, Print-making, Textiles
The Art House
Frankie ACACIA, Olivia BAILETTI, Lauren BZOWY, Lucien DRIVAS, Shani ENGELBRECHT, Finn MURABITO, Katarina ONGAL, Charlotte PRIOR, Hollis SOUTER
'Chaos and Cosmos' is an exhibition that invites viewers to contemplate the dynamic interplay between order and disorder. Through a diverse collection of artworks, the exhibition explores the theme from a variety of perspectives, ranging from the cosmic to the mundane. With works that range from abstract to representational, the exhibition aims to inspire viewers to reflect on the ways in which the chaos and order in our lives intersect and influence each other, and how we might harness that energy to create something new and beautiful.

3-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 11am-Until Late
Opening Event 03 Aug , 07:00 pm-Until Late
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The Exeter Hotel
246 Rundle St, Adelaide
8223 2623
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