Adelaide Mid-Century Moderns: Emigrés, mavericks and progressives

Barrie Goddard, Alhambra, Painting, 153x153cm
L.Dutkiewicz, GreenVillage, Painting, 153x153cm


Painting, Print-making
Artist Talk, Exhibition
The exhibition Adelaide Mid-Century Moderns: Emigrés, mavericks and progressives celebrates the vitality and innovation of the modern movement in Adelaide. This will be the first survey of Adelaide modernism during the 1950s and 1960s, extending from the disruptive impact of the influx of European émigré artists who arrived in Adelaide around 1950, through the heyday of mid-century modernism, to the arrival of Pop and post-painterly abstraction in the late sixties. The exhibition promises to provide a flamboyant, albeit temporary intervention in the decorous time capsule of the Haywards’ period ambience at Carrick Hill.

Curated by Dr Margot Osborne, Adelaide Mid-Century Moderns has been made possible as a result of the generous loan by AGSA of paintings, works on paper and archival material from its collection, including many rarely seen works. These are supplemented by loans from private collections. Artists represented are John Baily, Syd Ball, Charles Bannon, Robert Boynes, Geoff Brown, James Cant, Ian Chandler, Dora Chapman, Lynn Collins, David Dallwitz, John Dallwitz, Lawrence Daws, Ludwik Dutkiwicz, Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz, Barrie Goddard, Barbara Hanrahan, Jacqueline Hick, Franz Kempf, Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski, Charles Reddington, William Salmon, Udo Sellbach, Brian Seidel, Francis Roy Thompson and Geoff Wilson.

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2 Aug - 15 Oct
Wed-Sun 10am-4:30pm
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Carrick Hill Wall Gallery
46 Carrick Hill Dr, Springfield
8724 7900
Venue requires payment for entry.
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Artist Talk In Conversation with John Dallwitz and Maria Zagala. 18 Aug 05:30pm - Join artist John Dallwitz and Maria Zagala, Art Gallery of South Australia's Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs in Carrick Hill's Great Hall for a fascinating evening. Maria will interview John about his work in the 1960s, the earlier work of his father David Dallwitz, and learn about John's collaboration with Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski. Guests will then have the opportunity to meet John and Maria during exclusive after hours access to the Adelaide Mid-Century Moderns exhibition. Booking Required
Artist Talk Mid-Century Modernism in Adelaide from 1950 to 1970. 23 Aug 05:30pm - Across two decades modern art in Adelaide was transformed by arrivals and departures of a stream of artists. In this talk Dr Margot Osborne will draw on the research findings of her new book The Adelaide Art Scene: Becoming contemporary 1939-2000 to trace the development of modern art in Adelaide from the impact of émigré artists around 1950 through to the ascendancy of Op, Pop and hard-edge abstraction in the late 1960s. Key artists whose significance will be discussed are Francis Roy Thompson, Wladyslaw and Ludwik Dutkiewicz, Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski, James Cant, Charles Reddington, Barbara Hanrahan, Syd Ball and Robert Boynes. Booking Required