Paghahabi - Weaving our Social Fabric of Human Connection

Michelle, Sining at Kultura, Photography, 60.69cm


Craft, Digital, Drawing, Ephemeral, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Photography, Textiles
USAP (Ugnayang Sining at Pamana) Collective
Althier ALIANZA, Zee CUBILLAS, Lourdes DUENAS BLINCO, Gale DY, Kissey GULLE, Michelle Gonzales KENNEY, Kimche LIMPAHAN, Zanine MALAGUIT, Shine Eisin MAUSISA, Claire PASION
Online Exhibition, Presentation, Artist Talk, Exhibition
Weaving our Social Fabric of Human Connection aims to connect the dots between our human experiences as we struggle to balance the tension of our acculturation. Through arts, we express the human process by which we adopt values, customs, norms, attitudes, and behaviours of Australian culture while remaining attuned to our Filipino ethnicity.

We believe that by coming together as responsible Australian residents and custodians of the Filipino arts, culture and heritage, we will be able to co-exist in a multicultural community full of authenticity and meaning.

5-19 Aug
Mon-Tue, Thu 9am-5pm
Wed 9am-7pm
Sat-Sun 10am-4pm
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Parks Library
46 Trafford St, Angle Park
8405 6655
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Forum Arts Dialogue : Ugnayang Sining at Pamana (Linkages of our Shared Arts and Heritage). 13 Aug 01:30pm - Free Booking Required