Plant Carers

Louise Flaherty, Helen - Plant Carers (detail), Drawing, 70 x 50cm
Louise Flaherty, Sophie - Plant Carers (detail), Drawing, 70 x 50cm


Plant Carers is an installation of drawings by Louise Flaherty and music created by Belinda Gehlert in response to research and practical responses into South Australia’s native flora. This exhibition captures the intimate relationship that exists between carer and plant and the community of people that is built around this. Louise is inspired and motivated by all the work done by the range of people who work and volunteer in plant conservation and research. Through this work, Louise highlights, celebrates and honours the important work that these dedicated people do to ensure the lasting a legacy for our native plants.

16 Aug - 16 Sep
Wed-Sat 12-5pm
Opening Event 13 Aug , 03:00 pm-05:00 pm
Post Office Projects
175 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

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