A Journey to Homefulness

Riina, , Painting, 275x360mm


Mixed Group
Craft, Drawing, Painting
Hutt St Centre Clients
Eugene , Rory , Perry C, Robert E, Robert F, Susan H, Kingsley L, Anne S, Riina S
Since 1954, Hutt St Centre has remained a place of compassion and support, where people at risk of or experiencing homelessness are empowered to rebuild their lives, rediscover their identities and reconnect with those who love them.
Hutt St Centre walks alongside people on their journey to homefulness, a word we use to describe the feeling of safety, control, and confidence that comes with having a place to call home. Through our Creative Hub, people who walk through our doors for support are invited to express themselves and find their creative voice. These pieces tell the stories of their journey to homefulness.

8 Aug
Tue 2-5pm
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Hutt St Centre
258 Hutt St, Adelaide
8418 2500
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