Phantom Zone

John Ellis, Howling Dog, Painting, 450 x 450cm
John Ellis, Jewel of Entropy, Painting, 100 x 100cm


Painting, Photography
As a visual thinker I attempt to communicate my experience of beauty, ugliness & awe through preferred media of 2d acrylic painting & photography. I also have created theatre & dance party environments. Colour theory, pattern, asymmetry, humour & precision characterise my output which usually responds to nature, spirit, history & morality. I like to place all this under a postmodern umbrella theme of "breakdown". Recent years have seen my work framed as a square to facilitate at least four static perspectives to encourage engagement & enjoyment.

1-31 Aug
Tue-Sun 12-8pm
Opening Event 10 Aug , 06:30 pm-07:30 pm
Portobello Food Kitchen Bar
1-2 Tarni Ct, Waterfront, Port Adelaide
0403 203 766
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