Celestial Spheres - Full Dome Sound Bath Experience at Adelaide Planetarium

Darren Curtis, Celestial Spheres, Digital
Darren Curtis, Sacred Resonance Planetarium, Digital


Digital, Multimedia, Performance, Sound, Video
Sacred Resonance
Darren CURTIS, Bradley PITT
Sacred Resonance are back at the Adelaide Planetarium for a total 8 new shows over two days and evenings for SALA 2023.

Celestial Spheres - Full Dome Sound Bath Experience at Adelaide Planetarium

1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm
1pm , 3pm, 6pm 8pm

Ancient mystics proposed that heavenly bodies emit a musical hum throughout the cosmos. Celestial Spheres is a journey through the 'music of the spheres', a live full-dome performance of harmonic sounds and celestial imagery.

Sit back and relax as you gaze into space, in this deeply immersive sound bath experience.

Explore new wonders, in this live performance by Sacred Resonance at the immersive space of The Adelaide Planetarium !

This is a ticketed event.

Kids 12+ years and over only * Please note this is a sound bath expereince.

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Sacred Resonance is a music, art and educational business run by Darren Curtis (B.A Hon. Mus.Tech) and Bradley Pitt. They have had sell out shows since 2007 at Adelaide Planetarium with many great media and audeince reviews.

They develop immersive experiences and multi-media sound installations merging art and consciousness. They are sound artists & full dome developers in which they explore through data sonificaiton, making the invisible become visible. Producers of over 10 music albums, collaborators and producers on many international multimedia films. They perform at festivals around Australia, Europe and USA, with unique forms of experimental and meditative music. They teach on educational topics such as ethnomusicology, archaeoacoustics and consciousness sciences, presenting the new areas of music healing research and experience.

12-13 Aug
Sat-Sun 1-8pm
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Adelaide Planetarium
UniSA, Building P, Mawson Lakes
8302 3138
Venue requires payment for entry.
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