Spectrum Perspectives: Revealing the Beauty in the Everyday

Belinda Walker, Ethereal Wish, Photography
Belinda Walker, Naked & Electric, Photography


Belinda WALKER
As the world around us continues to evolve and change, it sometimes takes a fresh perspective to truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds us each day. This is precisely what the exhibition "Spectrum Perspectives: Revealing Beauty in the Everyday" seeks to accomplish. Utilising infrared photography, images of familiar places and objects are presented in a completely new light, encouraging viewers to consider the way in which perspective and different lenses impact our understanding of beauty.

As an emerging contemporary artist, I am passionate about finding ways to break down barriers and encourage people to see the world around them in new and surprising ways. With Spectrum Perspectives, I have sought to explore the subtleties and nuances of the world we inhabit. Whether it's the way light interacts with the natural world or the shapes and lines of urban environments, my goal has been to bring a fresh perspective to the familiar.

Perhaps most importantly, this exhibition also aims to prompt viewers to consider the way in which our individual lenses impact our perception of the world. Whether through cultural norms, personal experience, or neurodivergent perspectives, no two individuals experience the world in quite the same way. By examining new perspectives and exploring new ways of seeing the world, this exhibition aims to encourage viewers to embrace a more inclusive and empathetic perspective on the people and places around them.

Ultimately, I hope that Spectrum Perspectives inspires viewers to take a step back and consider the world around them in a new and meaningful way. By embracing new perspectives and seeking out beauty even in the most ordinary of places, the everyday can become a source of inspiration and joy.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
The Kentish Hotel
23 Stanley St, North Adelaide
8267 1173
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