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Moving Image, Video
Jazmine DENG
Online Exhibition
Focusing on experimental film and sound for digital presentation, fine print's PAUSE—PLAY seeks to engage with new forms of communication and presentation to create connectivity and comradeship within the vast expanses of digital realms. The fourth in the series is 'There is a gentleness and a giving up (I am an omnipotent little thing)', a new film by Jazmine Deng (SA).

Jazmine Deng is an emerging artist from Tarntanya/Adelaide. Their practice seeks to investigate our endurance for empathy and compassion, as a means to dissolve the illusion of separateness between ourselves and the external world.

About fine print:
fine print is an independent magazine focussing on critical and experimental discussion around contemporary art. fine print commission and publish diverse written, performative and moving image works both online and in real time. fine print has an eye for the concerns of local, national and international communities and believe in the importance of a conversation that recognises the contribution of each to our understanding of current art practice.

1-31 Aug
Viewable 24/7
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