ArtOfficial Truth Machine

Dave Court & James Brown, ArtOfficial Truth Machine, Multimedia, Variable
Dave Court & James Brown, ArtOfficial Truth Machine (installation view), Multimedia, variable


Digital, Installation, Multimedia, Sound
As part of SALA Festival this year, Lot Fourteen proudly presents an AI-powered talking vending machine!

Visit and chat to the AI-powered art vending machine and seek connection, feedback and rewards.

Situated in Stone & Chalk’s Startup Hub foyer, the ARTofficial Truth Machine ATM-001 was created by artists Dave Court and James Brown and is open during work hours from 1 - 31 August.

The South Australian artists partnered with the Australian Institute for Machine Learning to create the AI-powered, talking vending machine. The interactive artwork is adding a touch of futuristic cyberpunk to Lot Fourteen over the SALA Festival.

Rather than offering snacks or drinks, ARTofficial Truth Machine ATM-001 uses state-of-the-art AI software to engage in fluent and natural conversation with people.

The machine takes on several synthetic personalities, including impersonations of a crude and casual Richard Pryor, a witty and bubbly Dame Edna Everage, and the cold apathy of an inhuman automaton.

It’s fitted with a camera to recognise when there’s a person standing in front of it. Once the start button is pushed, the machine greets the user and initiates a back-and-forth spoken conversation.

It’s then up to the human to negotiate with the machine to receive a prize, which is largely determined by the voice prompts it is given.

Some interactions result in a gift of a packet of rare Australian native seeds, while other rewards include unique AI-generated artworks and individualised personal feedback written as poetry; each artwork will contribute to a growing online gallery.

Free entry. No tickets needed.

The Adelaide CreaTech City Challenge is a collaboration between the City of Adelaide; Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA); and the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS); funded through the Capital City Committee Development Program.

Hosted by: Stone & Chalk

In association with: The Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Supported by: The Government of South Australia

1-31 Aug
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm
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Lot Fourteen Startup Hub
Lot Fourteen Startup Hub, North Terrace, Adelaide

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