Here you will find all the different documents you need to help you host your SALA exhibition. From terms and conditions to our popular SALA Participation resource, sample contracts and floor sheets, there is a resource to help you with nearly everything to do with SALA. Each image is a clickable link to the resource pictured.

The Basics

Pre-Registration Checklist
How to participate
2021 Participation Resource
SALA First Nations Rights Policy
SALA Participant Terms & Conditions
Insurance Info

INdepth Guides

How to Photograph Your Work
Access2Arts Accessibility Information


2021 School Participation Guide
cover of the 2021 SALA Education Resource featuring work by Roy Ananda
Roy Ananda Education Resource
Kirsten Coelho Education Resource
Louise Haselton Education Resource


Sample Contract Agreement between Venue & Artist(s)
Sample Exhibition Floor Sheet


SALA Social Media Guide
You're Welcome: A Guide for Arts Organisations to Increase Cultural Diversity in Our Audiences
SALA | Meet the Media
SALA Logo.png
SALA Logo.jpg

Annual reports

2020 SALA Annual Report
2019 SALA Annual Report