Available Artists

The 'Available Artists List' is a list of artists who have expressed an interest in participating in SALA Festival but are still looking for a venue. Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. You are welcome to host an exhibition with an artist not listed here.

If you are an artist looking for a venue please refer to the Available Venues list

First Name Last Name Photo
Kate Upcoming resin artist creating unique colourful pieces Mitris
Masha Watercolour Artist Yaghmaei
Alexandra Felgate
Tracey Botanical Artist; I am an emerging Adelaide artist who loves to make cyanotype prints using real leaves and flowers. It’s a magical photographic printing process which creates a lovely blue and white contrast. My pieces are all one of a kind, unique and different. I aim to capture the beauty of life and bring the splendor of nature into our homes. I have also created some mandala cyanotype pieces as they represent the circle of life and that everything is connected resonates with me and my love for the outside world. Wegener
Karen I am a jewellery and object designer. With my own artistic flair I make unique jewellery and unusual bowls and spoons. I trained ant TAFESA and gained and Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design in 2018, I am now studying the Flinders University / TAFESA BA of Creative Arts. Visual arts (Jewellery) Croal
Vicki I am a self taught artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. I have been painting for about 7 years and I started experimenting with dot painting about 2 years ago. I find the repetitive process of the dots to be calming and see it as a form of meditation (yes, some people say the repetition would drive them a little “dotty”!). I love that such a simple painting method can transform before my eyes into a beautiful mandala or a sacred geometry design. The colour options are endless, and the designs seem never ending. I think this is one of the reasons I love this style of painting so much; there appear to be no limits. Bartel
Alanah Kent
Beiha Emerging local Adelaide artist. Abstract watercolours and mixed media. Inspired by Australian flora and landscapes and the brightest and darkest corners of the human mind and soul. Yanez
Richard Based at Port Elliot and inspired by the region John
Kirstie I am a watercolour artist from the Onkaparinga region. My work focuses on the environment and our interactions with it. I create works from small scale to large. I am open to a solo show or being part of a group exhibition. McGregor
Melanie Contemporary Abstract paintings Crawford
Josh I’m an artist and aspiring illustrator who specialises in black and white ink drawings of Australian native flora, ocean fauna and portraits. I work with fineliners and ballpoint pens to create realistic renderings, mostly utilising cross hatching and stippling techniques. My preferred technique is stippling which can be described as a time intensive and intricate process involving the layering of hundreds and thousands of small dots to create tone and texture. Hilditch
Ted I have previously exhibited at The Barn Bistro in McLaren Vale during SALA but that venue is no longer available for SALA. I live in Aldinga and would prefer a venue the South side of the city, but anywhere in the Adelaide Metro area is also OK. Karo
alan Retro city scenes, some with automotive theme, and landscapes. Larger type works. behenna
Hengameh (Kate) Shakerian
John I'm a Street / Urban photographer who is attracted to light and isolated subjects in City / Urban environments. All of my shots are candid and happened as you see in the image. I shoot because it gives me the opportunity to live and experience that very moment without worrying about the past or concerning myself with thoughts of the future. Exhibitions / Achievements SALA 2019 - Finalist (Best latent image) SALA 2019 - Adelaide City Council Central - Streets of... - Solo Exhibition - Caffe L'Incontro (Gay’s Arcade) Published EYEPHOTO Magazine – EYE Catching moments – Special Edition Vol.1 EYEPHOTO Magazine – EYE Catching moments – Special Edition Vol.2 Streetlife Yearbook 2019 Advertiser - 2019 Australian Financial Review - 2019 My Journey... (Bio) I started on my photography journey taking pictures of coffee with my phone for coffee shop reviews + pictures of the buildings in and around Adelaide. I stumbled across a video by Sean Tucker while looking on You Tube for tutorials on how to make my coffee images better. He essentially said not to be frightened of failing and if you want to do something then to just get out there and do it so I did. I bought my first proper camera a Nikon D3400 DSLR in June 2018. I twiddled the knobs and watched a lot of You Tube to learn the basics and found myself falling into the genre of Street/Urban photography without really knowing what it was. That stumble has taken me down a road and through a door that I never knew was there let alone possible. Staines
Vanessa I am compling an exhibition called See Me. Feel Me. I paint in oils on canvas. I use my art to advocate for non human species. My philosophy is to explore intersections between art, politics, speciesism, environmentalism and animal rights. A venue sympathetic to my focus on human -- animal relationships is preferred. Hearnden
Rebecca Fluid Artist Hill
Greer I am looking for a venue who will have me for SALA. My work is vibrant and colorful, expressing my fun and creative personality. I specialize in acrylic on canvas and watercolor. Please visit my website and social pages for my style of work. Tappert
Donna I have been an acrylic artist for approximately 5 years. For the last 12 months, the medium I have been using is resin. I fell in love with the intense colour, the depth I can achieve in my pieces and the movement that layering the resin produces. I am now using this medium to produce 3D artwork using pigments such as Mica Powders, resin pigment pastes and inks as my pigments to add to the resin medium. This year is an exciting year for me as I have started to get a different effect with my resin work by etching and chiselling the resin. I love the contrast that the textured resin and the glass look resin gives a piece. Parker
Mel I am a ceramic artist. My work ranges from functional tableware to multi-element sculptural pieces. Bone-Manser
Gerard Artist Traditional and Digital– Photographer, Naturalist, Animal Lover. I started as an illustrator with a greeting cards company then as a graphic designer and a digital illustrator in the Printing industry for nine years. Mignot
Plaxy I'm back to painting after a career in libraries. Art school in the mid-eighties. Inspired by the world around me - not the deep depths of the human condition - my self, my room of one's own, my little Hussy (cat), my garden, my reading, my countryside and through all this personal vision stuff some of those depth are plumbed. On Yorke Peninsula for last 20 years after living and working in inner Sydney where i visit family often and paint about too. Folland
Shane I was a primary school teacher for 20 years, many of these teaching art and Japanese... Now opened my own studio (Plucka's Art Studio) and following my dream. Have much more time for myself and my art. I love acrylic pour painting, and photo realism airbrushing in black and white. Pluck
Luke Adelaide based painter, Luke Hunter, uses humour and darkness to send a message through his graphic pieces. Luke experiments with texture and pop art to create pieces that confuse and delight. His art reflects a modern day interpretation of the neo-expressionist movement from New York in the late eighties and early nineties. Luke shares with us his innermost thoughts and feelings, opening us up to a visual representation of the most common mental health issue facing someone you know right now; anxiety. The images provided are from previous exhibitions. I am currently working on a series of paintings that demonstrates the emotions and highs and lows of someone struggling with mental health throughout their ‘daily routine’. Hunter
Ozlem I am a Turkish born artist who lives and works in Adelaide. We have been here since last October and fall in love already. We are living in the city with our two furry loves and also I have a studio at The Mill. I studied painting, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Suleyman Demirel, Turkey. Before becoming a full-time artist, I enjoyed an 18-year academic career as a lecturer in Theatre Stage Design in the Performing Arts Department at the University of Dokuz Eylul, Turkey. In this time, I attained my Master’s Degree and PhD in Theatre Stage Design and Construction there. To date, I have had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Turkey, Japan, Australia and Albania. The inspiration for my works stems from my belief that everybody has an individual story, which is written spontaneously. Just like characters in the theatre, we play various roles in our “scriptless” lives. Sometimes we are a hero, another time a protagonist, sometimes we are the supporting cast, and other times, we are just the passerby. So, to me, everyone’s story is unique and precious. As an artist, I try to touch these stories and paint with these questions in mind – ‘Who are we?’, ‘Who were we?’, and ‘Who will we be?’. The characters in my works do not possess any particular gender, age, religion, nationality, skin colour and are not flawless. Instead, my characters are illustrations of mankind’s attributes, the ones that make our lives meaningful. They are representatives of our universal moral values. It is the presence or absence of these moral values in our lives that provoke the extensive palette of human emotion. I invite the audience to approach my works with an openness that allows them to engage in a self-directed journey. My aim is to increase awareness of our situations in life, relate them to common global goals, so we can make changes to improve the existences for all. I do use the same inspiration for my sculpture as well as my paintings and reliefs too. Yeni
James Seeing comes before words. The way we see the world is affected by what we know or what we believe. We only see what we look at. As a Photographic Artist, I present to the world ' A New Way of Seeing it Carter
CC Herkes
Meg I am based in the Clare Valley and have exhibited locally, in the Barossa Valley and Adelaide. I also run Paint and Plonk events and workshops. My artworks are bright, colourful and quirky and are mostly done in acrylic ink and pen. All materials are of high archival quality. Mader
Ashleigh Robinson
Stu Husband, father and based in the Clare Valley, I love painting with a level of realism, while continuing to loosen up by brushwork. I love collaborating with other artists for exhibitions, as well as working on solo shows. My example works were produced with acrylics but I have recently move on to painting with oils. Nankivell
Cat Pencil realism and surrealist artist Dean
Steph My paintings are large and bold Ambrosini
Connie My passion is creating pet portraits as they are such a special part of our family. Wharton
Allen I commenced painting in 2016 and work in acrylics. The images I paint are mainly landscape and I also like to paint images of the iconic Australian Gum tree,as well as old sailing ships. I have previously exhibited at Port Adelaide Community Art Group and at Kellermeister wines for SALA Walters
Harrison Bishop
Hannah Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m an amateur artist with a passion for nature and landscapes. My preferred medium is acrylic paint and I like to emphasise texture in the pieces I create. Saldaris
Rebekah Hi, My name is Rebekah and I am an amateur photographer from the Barossa Valley. I am considering to participate in SALA, possibly along with a group of 2-10 other local photographers. Ideally, I would like to exhibit my work in the Barossa and get my name out there. Thanks for reading! ROSENZWEIG
andrew barr
Steve Glass
eDuard I am currently looking for a space in Elizabeth to exhibit during the second half of SALA Festival. The space needs large enough to hold a sculpture of a Holden Commodore (approx min. 20 square meters plus) Helmbold
Kat I am an Emerging contemporary artist creating thick textured abstract-impressionism styled artworks using acrylic paint, palette knife and think brush strokes. My artwork is now held in private collections all around Australia and I have been exhibiting in few local cafes and group exhbitions. I would like make my first SALA debut with my growing floral collection. I am looking for a venue that can accommodate large and small artworks and compliments my floral theme. Schmitt
Josh My name is Josh Juett and I create surreal still-life oil paintings with themes which explore personal narratives, scientific thought, and social commentary. Juett
Sienna Linocut printmaking is currently central to my practice. I enjoy exploring Australian iconography in my work. Blok
Karen Walters
Zanne Brown
Deb I am an emerging artist working with porcelain predominantly. I create sculptural pieces, using the power of repetition to build strongly textured forms, that are tactile and organic. I am inspired by nature, my pieces are dynamic and ornate, although the process in making is slow and rhythmic, almost meditative. McKay
Jesse My intent is to produce an exhibition (in progress now) of around 10 pieces based around and possibly including the pictures included. All limited edition linocut prints. Hand cut and hand printed Schuppan
Cat Being creative in any way, shape or form is a way of escaping .... a colorful sanity saver! Meredith
Leon The art is digital in form. I have mainly Adobe Illustrator or Photo Shop files. Most can be printed onto satin paper and framed for exhibition. Size is optional but as Illustrator files go roughly A0 in size. Clarke
Tarsha I am currently finalizing for SALA 2020 an installation called 'Do you see what I see?'; an audiovisual sculptural and performance installation about the impact that sensory processing disorders have on people when in busy environments that are multi-sensorial. It would be a stand alone black cube with an entrance way about 2 metres square in size. Cameron
Erika In my work, my primary focus is on the intimacy of humans with the environment. I use a variety of materials including paper and plaster cloth. Walter
Jessie My name is Jessie a self taught artist from Adelaide who loves wine, coffee, travel and art. I am passionate about art as it is something that has always been embedded in me. I am drawn to painting abstract backgrounds with big bold strokes which are overlayed by elements of realism, particularly from cultures such as African, South and Central America. This passion has been developed along the years as an outcome of traveling the world with my husband. I enjoy exploring what traveling offers as it inspires my art process. Art wise, I want to create beautiful paintings that fill homes with colour and enhance the atmosphere with a sense of colourful culture. Feitosa
Elizabeth Adelaide based artist and photographer, Elizabeth Solich, has been honing her skills in underwater photography for the past seven years. Originally an architecture student, Elizabeth blended her photography skills and underwater observations of the fauna and flora with her drawing and painting experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. Elizabeth's evolution into underwater photography allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further. Her observations of marine fauna and flora allows Elizabeth to challenge boundaries, capturing the underwater world utilizing environmentally aware story telling in the exploration of movement and composition. Elizabeth shares her passion for everything underwater with the world. Through her artwork she expresses her never ending admiration for the weird and wonderful underwater creations of nature. Her works have been displayed at various exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Solich
Emilija Emilija Kasumovic is an Adelaide based artist working within an expanded drawing and installation practice. She is fascinated by areas of study in which science and spirituality converge. Questions about the interplay between our inner and outer world, where we begin and end, and what creates our body’s surface or limit form an ongoing conceptual basis in her work. Through almost invisible, but deeply sensory and affective materials, she searches for a potential where energy, space and matter become one with our bodies, thus connecting us to each other and the world. Kasumovic
Lisa Dimitri
Lisa Combining my graphic design and visual art skills, these beautiful, digital illustrations are colourful, eye catching and dynamic. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator with the addition of carefully selected typography to suit each piece. The use of patterns add a textural element and feature popular subjects. This is a small selection of the artwork available for a SALA Festival exhibition. I'd love to hear more about your venue and available space. Chapman
Sobrane Simcock
Rick Martin
Mark Hi Im Mark Gary Weston, “M" Im a fine art photographer based in Adelaide and love it :) From a very young age, I had an interest in cameras, my parents gave me a camera to play with as a baby, was it a sign? LOL thanks Mum n Dad I'm so grateful :) I love what I do, a passion that includes "all" my loves of life, travel, different cultures, meeting a variety of interesting people, beautiful places, witnessing amazing natural phenomena and the feeling of being connected to the moment how I like to see it artistically. I like to capture the scene in one shot and allow the camera to express the scene as nature delivered the photons of light to the lens, to capture light and time with all the emotional feeling that excites our senses expressed in the one moment in time and create art within the camera, I have the final print in mind as I press the shutter and to me, that is “creative light art”a personal statement with vision, beauty and feeling. I look forward with excitement in presenting local South Australian photographic art in large format prints custom framed with archival quality for all who appreciates fine art photography to enjoy and potentially purchase to add value to there life, living spaces and homes. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Past, Present and Future. M Weston

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