Master Maker

Master Maker.

Artist: Cheryl Bridgart.

7 - 28 Aug
Wed-Sun 11am-5pm

You are invited to this much-anticipated event.
In pursuit of uniqueness Cheryl will showcase thought provoking fine art embroideries and paintings. Her unique visual language and highly skilled embroidery is laced with dreams, feelings and passion.
These new eye-catching works are fuelled by an inherent response to the challenges and moving on after the Pinery Fire of November 2015. Cheryl present at all openings.
In association with Gray Hawke’s extraordinary art furniture.

Venue: Beltana House Gallery.

364 Carrington St Adelaide, 5000

0417 813 779

Medium: Painting, Textiles.

Event is suitable for children.

Event has wheelchair access.

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Artist in Session

Artist present everyday of exhibition