Artist & Venue Finder

The Artist & Venue Finder is a platform where artists and venues interested in taking part in the SALA Festival can find each other. The Artist & Venue Finder is now open

Frequently Asked Questions

Head to the SALA Online Portal and either create an account or login to your existing account. Click through to the Artist / Venue Finder (this should be in the menu on the left) and then utilise either the ‘create new artist profile‘ or the ‘create new venue profile‘ buttons. Complete the simple form and then be sure to click ‘submit’ so that it gets pushed through to the SALA team for approval and publishing on our ‘Available Artists‘ or ‘Available Venues‘ list.


Please note that creating a profile is not the same as registering for the Festival.

To list yourself as an ‘available artist’, you will be asked to provide the following information in the online form.
(* = required)

  • * Artist name 
  • * Contact number
  • * Email address
  • Artist website / Facebook / Instagram (optional)
  • Artist statement 
    Here you can note what kind of mediums you use, what kind of scale you like to work at, what kind of methods you would use /need to hang or present your work. And anything else that might be useful for a prospective host venue to know.
  • Tickbox to indicate if the artist is open to being part of a group exhibition 
  • * Image upload. You must upload at least 1 image of your artwork. Please upload more than one to give prospective venues a better sense of what you make. (max 10MB file size per image)

To list your venue as an ‘available venue’, you will be asked to provide the following information in the online form.
(* = required)

  • * Venue name (eg, Bob’s Cafe)
  • Venue type 
    • Art space
    • retail space
    • hospitality
    • civic space
    • residential
    • online
    • other
  •  * Contact person details 
    • Name
    • phone number
    • email address
  • Venue website / Facebook / Instagram (optional)
  • * Venue address 
  • Approximate space available (in square metres, or in linear metres for wall space)
  • Available lighting in the space.
  • Tickboxes to indicate if the venue is:
    • open to hosting a group exhibition (as opposed to a single artist)
    • wheelchair accessible
    • able to host moving image/video works
  • * Opening times
  • Any other comments (optional)
  • Map (to show location)
  • * Image upload. You must upload at least 1 image to show the space that is available for an artist to exhibit in. (max 10MB file size per image)

There might not be any profiles just yet – be the first to create one!

No! This is a separate platform designed to help artists and venues find each other. Once you have found each other and decided on your exhibition for SALA Festival, one of you will need to complete a registration form in the SALA Online Portal.

Artists – images of your artwork.
Venues – images of the space available for artists to exhibit their work in.

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Your artist website or social media accounts 
  • In the ‘note’ field, consider mentioning:
    • your location (eg. if you live rurally and want to try to find somewhere near to you)
    • what medium and themes are present in your work
    • how you expect to install your work (does your work have d-rings, need a plinth or cabinet to be shown in, is it unframed, framed with/without glass? etc.)
  • Images of your work
  • Venue name
  • Venue location/address
  • Venue website or social media (where possible)
  • Venue open hours
  • Your contact details
  • Dimensions of the available space
  • Dates that the space is available
  • Methods of installation that are permitted at your venue and anything that might affect the installation process.
    For example:
    – drilling of walls may not be permitted if a venue is heritage listed.  
    – if above ground floor: is there an access lift?
    – do you have gallery tracking installed?
  • Is the venue staffed or will you require artists to participate in ‘gallery sitting’/minding the venue.
  • Wheelchair accessibility

All profiles go to the SALA team for checking and approval. Your profile will not be immediately visible. Keep an eye on your emails in case we need to clarify anything with you in relation to your profile.

Yes – think of this as an expression of interest.
If your participation is conditional, please make note of this in your profile. 
For example:

  • An artist might only have enough work to fill a small space, or might require a display cabinet, or may be away for part of August.
  • A venue might only have a window space available and only be able to show works that are unframed.

If you find a venue/artist in the Artist & Venue Finder that you are interested in working with, you will need to use the contact details that they have supplied to get in touch with them to see if they are interested in working with you.

Once another party has agreed to exhibit with you, the next step is to discuss the finer details of your exhibition – how many artworks, who will be responsible for installing them, will you have an opening night event, which days will the venue be open, etc. Use the SALA Festival Participation Resource to help you ask the right questions. Drawing up a contract is a great way to clarify expectations.
When you have confirmed all of this, one of you needs to complete and submit an exhibition registration form (or you could do this together) via the SALA Online Portal.

To hide your profile from the public, login to your account select the profile you would like to hide and click the blue button at the top of the page which says ‘Profile Hidden’. If you have any issues please contact SALA staff via [email protected]