Artists: Jo Allen, Indianna Bell, John Chataway, A.J. Coronel, Tyrone Dutreix-Sampson, Paul Forza, Catherine Frances, Tamara Hardman, Sunday James, Jeremy Nicholas, Jordan Pollock, Ari Rachmadian, Alexander Salkicevic, Nate Schilling, Cameron Summers, Sam Twidale.

1 - 12 Aug
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Persona is an art exhibition run by students in Screen and Media at Flinders University which focuses on moving image portraits. The collection of short experimental films crosses the fields of avant-garde, surrealist and non-narrative film. The exhibition responds to social issues: searching for acceptance, exploring oneself, and breaching barriers against semi fluid norms. Look out for launch event at Tenth & Gibson, with satellite Sunday screenings at Crown & Sceptre hotel.

Venue: Flinders University.

Plaza, Flinders University Sturt Road Bedford Park, 5042

8201 5348

Medium: Moving Image.