2020 Festival Participation

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is an annual, month-long festival that celebrates the work of South Australian visual artists alive today. Every August, artists participate by putting on an exhibition of work (or holding an arts event like an artist talk, workshop, or forum), and venues participate by hosting artists’ work or associated events.

In 2020, SALA invites registrations of online events (such as online exhibitions, video artist talks, virtual studio tours) and physical exhibitions that comply with State Government restrictions around physical distancing. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the inclusion of your event within these restrictions.

SALA Festival remains an open access festival, meaning that all artists are welcome to participate regardless of age or level of experience. All events are organised independently, then registered under the ‘umbrella’ of SALA. This is done by completing a registration form on the SALA website once all event details have been confirmed. Only one registration form needs to be submitted per event.

Registrations for SALA 2020 are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

SALA runs throughout the month of August annually, so 1—31 August every year.

Registrations Open – Monday, 2 March

Registrations Close – Monday, 31 August 

Awards Open – Monday, 2 March 

Awards Close – Tuesday, 30 June

Virtual Open Studios Weekend  – Saturday & Sunday, 8 & 9 August

Online Program Live – Monday, 20 July 

In 2020, SALA has adapted to ensure that we can still celebrate the work of South Australian Living Artists safely. this year there will be no printed program, registrations are free and the registration deadline has been pushed back until 31 August. 

SALA is accepting online AND physical exhibitions which comply with all current State Government restrictions.

For more information about these changes watch our Q&A video or download the fact sheet.  

In 2020 SALA is accepting online events or physical exhibitionss which comply with the State Government restrictions.

This means you do not need to find a venue to show in, but you may want to if you feel that your event could comply with physical distancing requirements.  If you want to host an online event or exhibition you do need to decide on what platform you would like to host your work. Consider hosting work on your own website or an appropriate social media platform like Instagram or YouTube.

Download the SALA 2020 Participation Resource for more details.

SALA is comprised of independently organised exhibitions and events, and the SALA program directs audiences to where they can find them. Just as in previous years you would need to find a venue to host a physical exhibition, you need to find an online platform to host your exhibition.  

For more information please watch our Q&A video or see the SALA 2020 Participation Resource for some ideas on online platforms you might like to use. 

If you’re wanting to put on an online exhibition but not sure which platform to use, think about what you actually want to do first. If you’re presenting a body of work through photographs, maybe you could use Wix or a virtual gallery like artsteps. If you want to make an artist talk maybe a narrated PowerPoint slideshow on YouTube, or an audio recording on Soundcloud is more appropriate. 

For more information about different online platforms read our 2020 SALA Participation Resource or watch our Q&A video. 

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on how many exhibitions or events an artist can exhibit in, however each new project will need to a new registration form.

Once all the details of your event are certain, you need to complete a SALA registration form. You can do this via the online registration portal until the close of registrations (31 August 2020). The information you enter in the registration form will feed into the SALA online program. SALA is open access which means that all artists are welcome to participate. 

If you are have any trouble with the SALA registration form please do not hesitate to contact the SALA office or you may like to watch our Registration Demonstration video.

Please note registrations for the 2020 SALA Festival is now closed. 

Registrations for the 2020 SALA Festival is now closed. 

Registrations for the 2021 Festival will open early next year.

Registrations for the 2020 SALA Festival are now closed. 

The best thing for you to do is to wait until your physical exhibition can be safely conducted within current restrictions, and then register your event. If you want to register an online version of your exhibition so that you can enter the SALA awards, you are welcome to also present the work physically if and when this is possible. Please communicate your intentions with SALA staff so we are able to ensure the online program is as accurate as possible and the most people are able to view you event.

For more information watch our Q&A video or contact SALA staff. 

This year we are proud to offer FREE registrations across all event categories. We know artists and venues have been doing it tough and we hope that the community will be able to utilise their time in isolation to get creative.

  • an online visual art exhibition (this is the most common way that artists participate)
  • an online artist talk (which can occur without an exhibition)
  • an online forum about art 
  • an online art presentation
  • a virtual tour
  • a virtual open studio tour
  • a physical exhibition is still possible but it must comply with State Government restrictions
    Don’t see your event type here? Call the SALA Office on 7077 0011 to discuss your idea.

A studio is the space where an artist creates their artwork. Although in 2020 public access to these studios is not possible artists can still hold virtual tours of their studio spaces and register them with SALA.

SALA accepts registrations from dedicated commercial studios and studios in private residences.

Each year SALA highlights the registered open studios over the Open Studios Weekend, which will run 8-9 August. If you are registering a Virtual Open Studio, consider trying to make your digital studio tour available at some point over this particular weekend.

Please note that if multiple artists are working in a studio, they need to be informed of and in support of the studio’s proposed registration.

Most SALA awards are self-nominated, so hop to it!

To be considered for an award make sure you fill out an entry form before close of nominations. Most awards close on 30 June but check the SALA Awards page for individual award closing dates.

Each award has different eligibility criteria so don’t forget to check the terms and conditions.

Most award nominations close 30 June 2020, but check the Awards page for individual award closing dates

Yes. It is the responsibility of the artist and the venue to make sure there is public liability insurance for the exhibition. This insurance covers the risk of a member of the public injuring themselves through the action of the artist or the venue. You will also need contents insurance to cover equipment/art work within the space for the duration of the exhibition.

For insurance advice and short term cover for your SALA exhibition contact SALA partners City Rural Insurance on 8272 7785 / cityrural.net.au

As long as your event adheres to State Government restrictions and incorporates South Australian living artists, please consider registering it. If you would like help or feedback you can call the SALA Office on 7077 0011.

If you wish to submit your registration before the exhibition is ready to be viewed, you have a few different options.

1) wait until your online exhibition is completely ready and live before you submit the registration form.

2) Get your online exhibition as ready as possible, with the URL connected, and submit your registration. You will then need to ensure that it is ready for viewing by 20 July when the SALA program is launched

3) create a placeholder message on your webpage and then submit your registration. You will have until your nominated start date to privately construct your exhibition and publish it.

For more detailed information on these options see this information sheet or watch our Q&A video

Easily via our Donate page. All donations have a huge impact on our future; we appreciate every contribution. Donations above $2 are tax deductable.